'We're Ready': Burns confident as N.C. State fans give team warm send-off – Spectrum News

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The N.C. State Wolfpack has left for Arizona.
The men’s basketball team boarded a bus for the final weekend of college basketball this season in hopes of winning it all at the Final Four.
“Aw man it’s been awesome. It’s everything you could ask for honestly,” Wolfpack big man D.J. Burns said.
Burns’ play, stature and personality have made him a fan favorite.
The Pack will play Purdue at 6 p.m. Saturday.
Fans are chomping at the bit for the men’s team to continue its run.
“It’s kind of amazing to see all the students come together and storm the bell tower each time we won,” N.C. State freshman Jane Kemp said.
Kemp said the vibe on campus is like heaven this entire NCAA tournament.
Her friend and fellow student Gianna Kwiatkowski agreed.
“It’s been electric. I don’t know about you, but when I used to wake up in the morning, I used to be kind of sluggish, but now I’m excited,” Kwiatkowski said.
Kwiatkowski welcomed the men home when they returned from the Elite Eight. Now it only felt right to send them off to the Final Four.
“I got to go meet them when they came off the bus at 3 in the morning on Monday. I was ready to go to sleep. I had physics in the morning at 8, and it was the best,” Kwiatkowski said.
Anna Rodenberg was born bleeding Wolfpack Red. She said her parents graduated from N.C. State and she followed suit. The mother of three wished the guys in red and white good luck.
“I was born in ’86. I’ve been waiting my entire life for this,” Rodenberg said.
The Wolfpack’s journey reminds her of the 1983 Jimmy Valvano-coached team that won the national championship.
“Huge. We talk about it all the time. It’s why this is so meaningful to me and my whole family. It’s like we have been waiting years and years for this. It’s our time. This is our time,” Rodenberg said.
Burns drew the attention of every person at the send-off. He has won the hearts of the fan base with dominating offensive play and a charming smile.
The big fella made time to talk about the Wolfpack’s time in the tournament before getting on the bus to Phoenix.
“We feel good, I think we’re ready,” Burns said.
And the fan base is sure-fire ready to root the team on again this weekend.


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