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Reddit shared some information about the platform as a whole.
As the year 2023 is coming to an end, Reddit’s annual Reddit Recap is here. The recap features news and events that made headlines in our Reddit world since January. “A time capsule of the past year’s most vibrant exchanges, touching moments, and utterly hilarious faux pas shared and discussed on Reddit,” the platform said. 
Reddit shared some information about the platform as a whole. Reddit is home to more than 100,000 active communities worldwide. As of October 2023, Reddit has 70 million+ Daily Active Uniques, a 20% increase YoY. 
The subreddit that garnered the most views was a well-established one: r/AmITheAsshole, commonly referred to as AITA. It serves as the go-to platform for Redditors to share stories and inquire about who is at fault in a given situation. AITA has maintained the crown as the no #1 most-viewed community for the third year in a row.  

Engagement around the latest Hamas-Israel conflict and breaking news from the Ukraine war highlights the community’s importance as a place for thought-provoking and serious discussion.
The digital buzzword on Reddit was Artificial Intelligence. A zeitgeist shift toward AI unfolded across the platform as Pope Francis, rocking a white jacket, landed on Reddit. r/ArtificialInteligence (up 579% YoY for views). In 2023, Reddit wasn’t just buzzing; it was humming with AI chatter. From deep-dive debates to off-the-wall collabs like Snoop Dogg in Seinfeld, Reddit emerged as the platform for exploring and discussing all things artificial intelligence.
A community of Swifties brought a father closer to his stepdaughter when he turned to Reddit to become Swift-ified as a way to bond. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s Renaissance international tour took the world by storm.
People shared intriguing facts and discoveries, from obscure gems like Shaq’s budget-friendly sneaker collaboration with Walmart to scientific marvels and historical finds

It also shared the most upvoted post of the year, ‘Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Keanu Reeves’. It gathered 322,293 upvotes. The other most upvoted posts in the top five were the 11th AMA  session with Bill Gates, the AMA with Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, and the viral Reddit art series “Drawing Badly Until TOTK Releases”. 
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