Prince Harry could soon ‘reconsider becoming a US citizen,’ expert says – Hindustan Times

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An expert has said that Prince Harry could soon “reconsider becoming a US citizen.” Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down from the royal family in 2020. His challenge over security arrangements for his household was recently dismissed.
In an attempt to contest the decision, Harry took the government to court. Harry insisted that he and his family face threat even though they were not part of the royal family any longer. He said he believed he had been treated unfairly.
According to criminal defence lawyer Paul Britton, the ruling was likely “crushing” Harry, the Daily Express reported. This, in turn, could lead to him applying for American citizenship after his visa application issues are settled.
“This latest defeat for Prince Harry is no doubt crushing given the circumstances,” Britton said. This decision has been eagerly anticipated by the legal community and the judgement was conclusive – the decision made by Ravec will not be changed and Prince Harry’s security protection in the UK will not be increased.”
He continued, “How this affects Prince Harry’s next steps is yet to be seen. Many anticipate that, without what he feels is adequate security in place to protect him and his family on their return to the UK, he will soon reconsider the decision to become a US citizen.”
“The complication in all of this is his current US visa application which is currently subject to its own legal battle,” he added.
Harry had previously claimed he had “considered” applying for American citizenship. He added it was not “a priority” for him.
Meanwhile, King Charles’ former butler said that the Duke and Duchess’ return to the UK is “possible,” and could even be permanent. “It’s difficult to say given everything that has gone on and the trust that has been broken down whether they could return as full-time royals, but I’ve always said if Harry did return to the UK, it is possible,” Grant Harold said, according to New York Post.


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