Newspaper headlines: William to end homelessness, and more Partygate revelations –

The front page of the Sunday Mirror features a still image taken from what it calls the "bombshell" video apparently showing Conservative staff partying during lockdown. It says the footage "throws new light on the affair" and raises the prospect of a second police investigation into what it describes as "lockdown-busting parties that shamed the government". In its leader column, the paper says Scotland Yard "must act".
The Mail on Sunday says there is also pressure on the police to investigate Sir Bernard Jenkin, a Tory MP who was on the Privileges Committee investigating Boris Johnson, because of allegations he attended a separate event during lockdown. It says Sir Bernard's claims that it was work-related have been "torpedoed" by a WhatsApp message sent by his wife, which it says invited people to "birthday drinks". An ally of Mr Johnson tells the paper that this "invalidates the findings" of the Partygate investigation, claiming it has been "corrupted".
The ongoing friction within the Conservative Party is highlighted on the front page of the Observer. It claims Rishi Sunak views Mr Johnson as "irrelevant", with one senior source describing him as "just an ex-MP". The paper says the prime minister hopes to contrast what it calls Mr Johnson's "rule-breaking and chaos" with "the more studious and thorough style" of Mr Sunak. But the Mail On Sunday quotes an ally of Mr Johnson saying he will not launch a "jihad" against Mr Sunak because he wants the Tories to win the next election.
The Sunday Express says some Conservative MPs are urging others to stop the in-fighting and focus on what it calls "terrifying rising inflation and mortgages". One minister tells the paper that "people are sick" of the Tory "psychodrama" while another Conservative MP warns the party faces "mutually assured destruction" if the row does not stop. The headline is "Get a grip. Save the economy".
The Sunday Telegraph claims to have seen what it calls the "damning findings" of the inquiry into the former civil servant Sue Gray, who compiled the report on Partygate. It says she has been found to have breached Whitehall impartiality rules for holding talks with Labour before she was offered the job of chief of staff to Sir Keir Starmer. According to the paper, Ms Gray could have been suspended or sacked, had she not quit. She denies she has done anything wrong.
The Sunday Telegraph also reports that the French President Emmanuel Macron is attempting to block the UK defence secretary Ben Wallace from being appointed head of Nato. There is speculation Mr Wallace could replace Jens Stoltenberg later this year. But the paper says French officials want the alliance's next secretary general to be from the EU as part of a push to make the bloc less reliant on the US for security.
The Prince of Wales tells the Sunday Times that he will establish social housing on his Duchy of Cornwall estate, in an attempt to "end homelessness". He says that homelessness has for too long been "managed" rather than "prevented", and claims this challenge "is not insurmountable". The paper says Prince William was inspired by the work of his mother, Princess Diana, who took him on a visit to a homeless shelter as a child.
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