New video captures moment police shoot kidnapped teen in California –

San Bernardino Country Sheriff's Department released recordings of the 2022 fatal police shooting of Savannah Graziano, a 15-year-old girl in Hesperia, California.
The video and audio recordings capture the moments officers shoot the girl they were attempting to rescue as she obeyed their directions. She died of her wounds despite efforts to provide her medical aid.
Police continue to investigate the incident and say they hope the video gives "insight into the unfortunate events".
The man fell nearly 60ft (18.2m) from a trail in a recreational area near the Golden Gate Bridge in California.
Traffic camera video shows passersby running to the vehicle after it landed on its side following a crash.
Despite dreary weather, 40,000 visitors made it out to the event, which has been a presidential tradition since 1878.
Rescue crews in California transported the animal to safety on Sunday after it was stranded in a river overnight.
Efforts are underway to remove debris and reopen the vital port after last week's bridge collapse.
'Jameela' travelled from a zoo in Texas to one in Ohio after her birth mum rejected her.
Seconds after entering a shop in the US, the blade from a nearby construction site becomes lodged in the door.
Police bodycam showed the suspected shoplifter trying to run across three lanes of traffic.
The big sale includes cocktail dresses worn by the actress and the magazine owner's famed silk smoking jackets.
Guy Felicella was once a drug user and overdosed several times. He is now an addiction educator.
A massive clean-up effort is underway to clear debris and reopen the port after the bridge collapse.
New video shows investigators on board the vessel as they inspect damage and download ship data.
The governor, Wes Moore, compared the ship's size to the Eiffel Tower, but with the weight of a bridge on it.
Jonathan Diller, a 34-year-old cop, was fatally shot during a traffic stop in Queens last Monday.
Former US President Obama will join President Biden for a campaign fundraising event Thursday evening.
Activists in Tennessee linked arms to honour the one-year anniversary of the Covenant School shooting.
Additional traffic camera footage captured the moments just before the collapse of the Baltimore bridge.
Divers recovered two bodies in the aftermath of the bridge collapse and will return when debris has been cleared.
Images dating back to 1980 reveal the scale of damage from other incidents where a ship ran into a bridge.
President Biden was speaking about US healthcare when protesters disrupted, calling for care in Gaza.
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