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What happens when the magic of the wizarding world meets pots, pans and lots and lots of cake mix? Well, we’re soon to find out, following the news today that the Food Network has a new baking competition straight out of the oven, all in the name of Harry Potter!
Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking invites fans to mix, whisk and glaze their way to success, with professional pastry chefs competing against each other to create enchanting sweet treats, themed around the Harry Potter stories. Will the bakers be able to channel their inner Mrs Weasley? Or will their attempts be as successful as one of Seamus Finnigan’s exploding cauldrons?
Filmed in Leavesden, the home of the Harry Potter film series, you’ll be able to watch the competition unfold at the very place where the stories were brought to life, with locations including The Burrow, The Great Hall and Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Perhaps these sets will help spur the contestants on, especially as they will then have their culinary creations inspected by a panel of judges. We hope the results will be Wingardi-yum Leviosa.
Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking will be available to stream on Max and via The Food Network. We’ll reveal more about when the show is airing quicker than you can say treacle fudge. Stay tuned!
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