Man finds maths puzzle while hiking, asks Reddit ‘Is it solvable’ – Hindustan Times

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A person can come across varied things while on a hike but it is highly unlikely that a hiker would find a note about a maths puzzle. Yet, that is what happened with this man who found a brain teaser while on a hiking trail. He later took to Reddit to share the puzzle with others. Expressing his scepticism, he also asked his fellow Redditors if the problem is solvable or not.
“Is this solvable? I found this on a hiking trail. There was a note above that said ‘World Champion:___’,” wrote the Reddit user. As per reports, he is identified as Janiv. In the next few lines, he shared his opinion on the maths puzzle.
“I assume that the skis in the second equation have to be divisible by two, so 2,4,6,8 or 10, which would mean the final equation would have to be 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007. If I assume they are looking for a soccer world champion, then 2010 is the only year out of all options when there was a FIFA cup, so the answer would be Spain. It’s a major assumption that they are looking for a soccer WC,” he shared. “Am I missing something or is there a missing detail in the puzzle?” he further added.
The post was shared nine days ago. Since then, it has accumulated close to 5,300 upvotes. The share has further prompted people to post varied comments.
“Skis would be 5 per ski and a hockey stick would be 2. Answer seems like it should be 2007,” suggested a Reddit user. “I think it’s 2b. Two pairs of skis, not 4 individual skis, still unsolvable,” posted another. A few others also expressed how they feel that the maths puzzle is “unsolvable.”
“How do you ever get two of the same symbol next to each other with a plus symbol as a number squared. That makes no sense,” argued a third. “2007 for sure is one possible solution, but the second equation has multiple values. You could easily express it with different numbers (instead of 5 and 2): (3+3) + (3+3) + 10 = 22 There are multiple solutions,” wrote a fourth.


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