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Marvel is reportedly planning to remove the Serpent Society from Captain America: Brave New World.

Marvel’s upcoming movie Captain America: Brave New World has created a lot of anticipation among fans, especially with the rumors about the introduction of the Serpent Society in the movie. Unfortunately, the film went through several re-shoots and as per some sources, the Serpent Society has been cut out from the movie.
The film was initially set for release in the summer of 2024. However, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes slowed down the production and Marvel decided to make some major changes to the movie. This cut means that WWE star Superstar Seth Rollins, who was appearing as King Cobra in the movie, will also be removed. The reshoots of the film will reportedly begin in May and end in August of 2024.
Industry insider and scooper Daniel Richtman (Daniel RPK) has revealed via Patreon that Marvel is reportedly planning to do some reshoots for Captain America: Brave New World, so there is a possibility that Marvel removes the Serpent Society from the highly anticipated movie. Reports suggest that Marvel is looking for new characters who will replace the Serpent Society.
Insider @CanWeGetToast has also confirmed this report stating that the Serpent Society has been cut out from the movie. Marvel is now reportedly looking to add different characters to the film. On top of that, the film will go through some major reshoots which will begin in May 2024 and are expected to end in August 2024. The news is bound to disappoint fans but the information is currently based on only rumors and fans should wait for an official confirmation from Marvel.
It was confirmed earlier that WWE star Seth Rollins will be appearing in the movie as King Cobra, a member of the Serpent Society. If this information is true, then Rollins will also be removed from the movie. In October 2023, Rollins was asked about his role in the movie Mythical Kitchen’s Last Meals. The actor replied,
“Nope, can’t do that! Can’t tell you nothing about that – It was a really good experience and I think it’s going to be pretty cool. I think our audience is going to love it. I think their audience is going to love it, so it was a cool crossover to be able to jump into some totally different skin and try a new thing out for me.”
Captain America: Brave New World was supposed to release this year, but the WGA and SAG-AFTRA proved to be a major setback for the movie. The film now has a new release date of February 14, 2025.

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