Horrifying video shows Texas boy, 9, ducking for cover as several bullets smash through window| Watch – Hindustan Times

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A frightening video shows a Texas boy ducking for cover as bullets from a drive-by shooting smashed through the window of his apartment. Nine-year-old Errol Hill is lucky to be alive after the bullets missed him by inches.
The video shows the child climbing onto the couch in his house’s living room, with his dog beside him, at about 7:30 pm. Suddenly, he recoiled in fear and ducked for cover as dust and smoke erupted through the front window. His startled dog, too, looked visibly scared. Hill took cover behind something that appeared to be a washing machine.
“It came through the wall,” Hill told NBC 5. “I thought it was just fireworks, but when I heard the screams, I looked outside.”
The shooting took place on May 1, injuring six people, including four children. The incident occurred at the Miramar apartment complex in Fort Worth. Local reports said that victims ranged in age from 3-19.
A hail of bullets whizzed past Hill’s head. The child waited for the shots to eventually subside, and then ran to the next room to his mom, Mary Jane Gonzales, a medical assistant. She examined Hill and two other children and made sure they were safe. Gonzales then heard neighbours screaming downstairs, and rushed to help. This is when she learned six people were shot.
Gonzales tried her best to stop the bleeding on her neighbours. As a result of her injuries, a child, three, had to have a kidney removed.
“That one was really hard for me,” Gonzales said. “Seeing her going in and out of consciousness.”
Gonzales revealed that the incident left a mark on her and her family, and they would like to move out of the apartment. They had lived here for the past four years.
“It forever changed our life. We are traumatized,” she said. “I’ve never seen anyone get shot, let alone a child.”
Fort Worth Police claimed that one of the victims, who sustained a minor injury, refused treatment at the scene. The others were rushed to hospitals. Their conditions are unknown at present.
No arrests have been made in connection to the case yet. Police have urged the public to share tips at 817-392-4222.


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