Chiefs hit with bizarre scheduling quirk the NFL hasn't seen in 97 years, plus 15 other 2024 schedule oddities – CBS Sports

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There are always some crazy quirks when it comes to the NFL schedule, but this year seemed to be slightly crazier than other years: There’s a team that will be playing on six different days of the week, there’s a division rivalry that will only be played on Thursdays and there are two teams that won’t play a single division game until Week 11. 
It almost seemed like the NFL scheduling department went out of its way to add as many quirks as possible to this year’s slate of games. 
So who got the craziest quirks? That’s a great question, so let’s find out. 
Here are 16 of the weirdest quirks on the 2024 NFL schedule, starting with the Chiefs, who got a quirk that the NFL hasn’t seen in 97 years.
The Lions also have a nice scheduling quirk: They’ll be playing almost zero outdoor games over the first 15 weeks. From Week 1 thru Week 15, the Lions will play be playing 13 of their 14 games indoors. Over that span, their only outdoor game will come in Week 9 against the Packers. 
Hopefully you can impress all of your friends this weekend with your quirky knowledge of the NFL schedule. 
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