'Anarchy,' 'Democracy under siege' – World headlines on US Capitol breach – FOX 13 News Utah

Wednesday’s violent breach at the US Capitol dominated the front pages of newspapers and the home pages of news media websites across the globe.
Here’s a selection showing some of the different ways news media outlets called readers’ attention to the disturbing event.
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[Note: Non-English language headlines were translated via Google Translate.]
AUSTRALIA – The Sydney Morning Herald
Legislators vow investigation over ’embarrassing’ Washington security failure
AUSTRIA – Die Presse
What went wrong with protecting the Capitol?
BANGLADESH – The Daily Star
Trump’s ‘love’ for attackers
BRAZIL – O Globo
Capitol invasion was the culmination of a coup attempt, experts say
EGYPT – Al-Ahram
Presidents refused to hand over power … and the result is civil wars and internal divisions
FRANCE – Le Monde
Among pro-Trump radical activists: anger, misunderstanding and the theory of an “antifa conspiracy” after the capture of the Capitol
GERMANY – Die Welt
How could that happen?
INDIA – The Hindu
Analysis | Immediate consequences of the attack on the U.S. Capitol
ITALY – Corriere della Sera
March for Trump of supporters who do not accept the result of the vote, rioting and shooting in Washington
JAPAN – Asahi Shimbun
Invasion of US Capitol, pipe bombs found around 4 dead
MEXICO – El Universal
Capitol riots: a look at Trump’s persistence in staying in power
PHILIPPINES – Philippine Daily Inquirer
‘Lesson learned’ from US Capitol protests? ‘Don’t vote for insanity’ – Lacson
RUSSIA – Izvestia
Once upon a time in America: how Donald Trump drove the crowd to a frenzy
SPAIN – El Pais
Donald Trump and a can of gasoline: “Now we are going to walk to the Capitol”
TURKEY – Hürriyet
Last minute developments in the USA: Great chaos in the USA! Trump supporters storm Congress building, “uprising” comments and resignation news come one after another
UNITED KINGDOM – The Daily Telegraph
Proud Boys and neo-Nazis: Who are the protesters who stormed the US Capitol?

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